Saturday, May 18, 2013

Reading Note: Cat's Ears

Don't worry I am not not talking ACTUAL cat ears but about a common mushroom called Jilli Namchu ( or Dzongkha for Cat's Ears). The Raven Magazine -- a fairly new Bhutanese monthly magazine has a regular column called " Know your Food" focusing exclusively on Bhutanese foods. The column recently featured the Jilli Namchu. The mushroom is a personal favorite of mine, not so much because of its taste (which is not very strong) but because of its wonderfully-y chewy, almost rubbery texture. Not for everyone I suppose.

Among claims of the mushroom medicinal and nutritional properties ( which are apparently formidable) the articles also notes that " it is best eaten young when it is gelatinous and pliant. As it grown older, the mushroom grows black and hard . However, it does not have a poisonous doppelganger like other mushroom species."

The last line might seem like a strange thing to bring to your attention but with the recent horrific news of how four members of the same Bhutanese family died after eating a meal of poisonous mushrooms, I can't help worrying about the dangers of mushrooms collected in the wild.

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  1. "Cats Ears" - "The Raven" - and so called "Jilli Namchu" which nowhere looks like a mushroom. Tempted by all the ambiguity, I wanted to clear a personal doubt . By any chance are those ear-rings in your pics made out of your walnut harvest. :D