Monday, January 6, 2014

Reading Note: a nutritional take on Suja

I noticed that someone recently found this blog with the keyword search "calories in bhutaneese suja " ( sic) .  I am sure anyone who has had a cup and seen the way that a shiny layer of oil sits on top of the tea has probably wondered the same thing. I have an answer of sorts.

The wonderful K2 weekend magazine ( hands down one of the most consistently interesting and well-written publications in Bhutan)  that come with the Kuensel on Saturday recently did a really great issue on tea . They included  an interview with a local nutritionist Laigden Dzed  asking just that question. Sadly suja fan are not going to like the answer.  He advises that anything more than one cup of suja once a month is too much!  He notes that a single teaspoon of butter has 45 calories and to put it mildly the average cup of suja has many a teaspoon of butter!

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