Friday, December 7, 2012

Reading Note: NPR on the dangers of Tea Drinking and Pressure Cookers

Recently I read two delightful articles on the NPR blog that discussed topics that have come up on this blog. The first was on the"dangers" of tea drinking for  19th Century Irish women.  Apparently if "women had time to sit down and enjoy a tea break, this must mean they were ignoring their domestic duties and instead, perhaps, opening the door to political engagement or even rebellion."I am going to be thinking that as I savor my tea today! The second looked at pressure cookers and more specifically why they are less common in American kitchens.The great article includes some wonderful recipes to get first time pressure cooker users started as well as this lovely line describing the sound that a pressure cooker makes as it warms up, " wheezing like an asthmatic cobra."  I have never ever actually heard an asthmatic cobra but it does convey how dangerous a pressure cooker  can sound when its in action .


  1. Pressure cookers are more common in Mexico! I once had flan (it's kind of like creme caramel if you aren't familiar) that was made in one and it was great! It *almost* inspired me to get one.
    PS- my sister had this quote for her fb that I always appreciate...
    "We're here to drink tea and make trouble.....and we're almost out of tea!"
    League of Women Voters

  2. So I was reading this and it reminded me that I had a cup of tea brewing for over an hour, because I got distracted by my 'domestic works' (ie: laundry and then a phone call)... The juxtaposition of the two made me laugh :)