Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reading Notes: Fishing in Haa

From: " Memoirs of a Political Officer's Wife in Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan" by Margaret D. Williamson, an account of her life and travels in the Himalayas during the early 1930's.
" Our final day in Ha, we watched an unusual way of fishing. One line of boys, beating the water with sticks, drove the fish downstream to where another line of boys were waiting in a 'V' formation. The latter than funnelled the fish into the wide mouth of a tapering bamboo basket" 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The return of "To Zowa Sho"

 I recently caught up with an old friend from high school who wants to take up blogging about local food traditions in her home country, Nepal. Since she was always the best cook in our dorm I can't believe she didn't come to this idea sooner. She can't believe I stopped updating this blog. "You are in the perfect place to do this kind of writing," she reminded me. As always her enthusiasm was infectious. Its been  more than a year since my last post but after that conversation  I am finally ready to come back to regularly blogging about Bhutanese food. 

To celebrate my return, here is my favorite food photo of the last year.  A close up of the beautiful and very tasty beans I helped my mother harvest in her garden in Tang, Bumthang last fall.