Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reading notes: Bhutanese hosts

This reading note comes from the wonderful blog, " A(nother) Year in Bhutan"  by Ariana  Maki , an art historian specializing in Bhutan and the Himalayas. She began the blog in 2009 when she was volunteering for the National Museum in Paro.  The quoted section comes from a recent post about eating in Thimphu
"Your host and his/ her family will likely apologize for the food they are offering, saying that it isn't very much, its not tasty and they are sorry they couldn't give you anything. However, your eyes and mouth will quickly recognize this self- deprecating sweetness for what it is, as before you will be laid a near cornucopia of foodstuff, not to mention a wide variety of drinkable goodies. For example at one recent dinner, my friend and I were offered mango juice, apple juice, tea, butter tea, whiskey, vodka, homemade ara ( alcohol), and changkyer ( homemade alcohol served warm with egg and a little rice)."

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