Saturday, July 6, 2013

Meat Buffet at a Bhutanese Wedding.

Recently I was invited to a wedding in Paro that had the most impressive meat buffet. Unlike a lot of fancy weddings and events that I have been to lately the family didn't cater the event instead they did it the old fashion way and got together to cook up the feast. And what a wonderful old fashion feast it was! And of course a "typical" Bhutanese celebratory feast means meat, meat and more meat!  

Here are two photos of the meat aisle taken from either end to give you a sense of the spread. 

Many of the preparations and even types of meat on offer were old fashion. Each is considered a delicacy and treat. For example below is tripe or stomach lining. It has rubbery texture that I don't enjoy.

Here is one of my favorites, blood sausage fried with chill and other spices. Incredibly dense and rich.

Liver- prepared with a lot of oil and a lot of spice, also very rich.

A pork stew-ish dish. Yes those floating white pieces are pork fat. Bhutanese love pork with a layer of fat.

Since it was a summer wedding, the flies were very much in attendance. One member of the family just stood near the food swotting them away with yak tail fly swotter. Surprisingly effective!

Despite eating more of the meat then I should have, I managed to save room for the beautiful and very tasty cake baked by a cousin of the groom, who owns a cafe/ bakery in Paro called Tshernyoen. 

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