Monday, September 23, 2013

Reading Notes: The Matsutake Mushroom Festival

My job keeps me tied down to Thimphu for large chunks of the year ( thought admittedly for now I get a lovely long winter break) so I am always grateful to be able to read about other people's travels. All year I have followed this blog by an Australian teacher living in Bumthang with her family. She recently wrote about traveling eastward to attend the Matsutake Mushroom Festival in Ura.  Bhutanese collect Matsutake or Sangay Shamu ( Buddha Mushroom) to sell on the lucrative Japanese market where this particular mushroom apparently heralds seasonal change.  Her post on the festival is delightfully rambling ( its a little like listening to a work friend talk about their weekend over Monday morning coffee) so not all of the post is focused on mushrooms but  its worth a look for the absolutely wonderful photos of the festival in general and the mushrooms in particular.


  1. Hello! What a lovely twist of fate brings me to your blog! And what a surprise when I scroll down and see a link to my blog! I was just reading Matt's blog which had a link to yours, its a small world! I look forward to looking through your posts. Tashi Delek!!!

    1. It is a small world! Or maybe it just Bhutan-- we are all only two degrees removed from each other! I really enjoy your blog and your photography. I go back to the post where you have photographed all the Tsechu kiras more often then I like to admit!