Thursday, September 27, 2012

Breakfast on Blessed Rainy Day

Blessed Rainy Day ( Thrue-Bap) is  a holiday that marks the end of the monsoon season. Our family doesn't usually celebrate in a big way but it is a particularly important holiday for Eastern Bhutanese which is why it was recently reinstated as a public holiday. Apart from the karma cleansing bath that everyone is encouraged to take, it is a holiday with a lot of food traditions. One of them is to eat a bowl of thup or rice porridge for breakfast.  Thup is the kind of wonderful rice porridge where the rice is cooked and cooked and cooked until it almost disintegrates.  P-'s mother very kindly sent a yummy batch of it for us to share. Below is picture of the thup being spooned out. It was seasoned with meaty bones, ginger and thingnay ( Sichuan peppers).

We even decided to forgo our usual breakfast coffee  and make sweet, milk tea to go with our special meal. You can learn more about Blessed Rainy Day and all the other eating associated with the day from this wonderful illustrated explanation by a 12 year old Bhutanese boy.

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