Sunday, April 28, 2013

Reading Notes: A week's worth of groceries

I cannot stop looking at this amazing slide show on the Huffington Post shows families from around the world sitting next to a week's worth of groceries. A friend sent me a link pointing out that Bhutan had been included in the slide show. The staggering amount of packaged food in some of pictures is even more shocking in comparison with the fruits and vegetables that dominate in other pictures.

The photos  are all from Peter Menzel and Faith D' Alusio's book " Hungry Planet; What the World Eats" which documented global food trends. The books was published in 2007 so its hard not to imagine the changes since then.


  1. Prosperity eh!!!!! So much food but sadly millions around the world are still severely malnourished. The title should have been "A week's worth of groceries of the privileged class."

  2. Hi, I am from Canada and I also was shocked and intrigued by the Huffington post article. I will travel to Bhutan in 2014 and I look forward to eating in a place where there is little packaging and a lot of locally produced organic food. Thank you for all your wonderful posts. I will be writing about Butter tea on my blog and I will put a link to you blog. Here is my food blog:


    1. Olivia -- I hate to disappoint you but we import A LOT of packaged foods particularly from our neighbor India. And a lot of our vegetables too.