Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reading notes: Food as a luxury

Jezebel profiled a really provocative fashion spread the re-imagined exotic food items as luxury objects. In each photograph the food is sort of positioned and photographed the way a luxury accessory like a handbag would be in a fashion magazine.  If it wasn't so pretty it would almost feel like satire. The photographer Elle Muliarchyk grew up a world traveler, sampling exotic food from all over the world, however later as a teen model she experienced a very different relationship with  food. The photo spread plays so cleverly with these ideas of food as  luxury, desire but also restriction ( just like an expensive handbag!). What I loved the most was that Muliarchyk worked with a chef who was willing to make sure all the food in the photos was later incorporated into dishes served at his restaurant. Sensitive to the reality that in some cases food is a luxury, she wanted to make sure none of it was wasted.

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