Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reading Notes: I was wrong about porridge.

Years ago a friend and I had a  brief but memorable argument about porridge. I had  used porridge as a way to describe someone who we both thought was sort of dull and predictable. She loved porridge and couldn't believe I was using it as a synonym for boring. This article by NPR's Kitchen Window program tips the argument well in favor of my friend. Not only does it work to eloquently redefine my understanding of what constitutes porridge but it offer some seriously tempting porridge recipes including a tropical amaranth porridge with coconut milk, mango and ginger that sounds amazing. Here is the wonderfully evocative first paragraph that I hope will make you want to read the rest of the article.
"Porridge doesn't get a lot of love and respect. It's the fairy tale stuff of Goldilocks, or the pauper gruel of Oliver Twist. But really, porridge can be a beautiful thing, especially during the cold slog of winter. It's a comforting way to start the morning, a nice warm hug of a breakfast. And, dare I say, it actually can be kind of exciting."

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